The reason it has taken almost 30 years for Uncle Bill to pass his martial heritage to a dozen teachers for posterity is obvious.  KunTao Silat de Thouars is a vast, deep and broad martial art incorporating useful elements recognized in many other systems and styles.  Uncle Bill has passed on the knowledge of these elements to those disciple/teachers who could best use and develop that knowledge and to pass it on to coming generations.  I am proud, and humbled, to be one of those fortunate people entrusted with that knowledge and power.  I'm truly humbled to be in company with some of the finest martial experts I've ever seen.

Steve Gartin

A Note from BaPak

Greetings to all my Friends and Students all over the globe!

First, I want to thank you for tolerating my sense of humor.  I have played paper games with many martial artists who are great in their own minds and have allowed them to think they know my system.  I do not want to say anything bad about anyone, but I have now been watching how various people treat the knowledge I give them for over 40 years here in America. 

Some endeavour to promote the art for its own sake and others for their own personal profit.  Some endeavour to learn, others teach before they know.  Some are humble enough to learn, others are too full of themselves to see past their nose.  Such people will be obvious by their absence from my list of finished disciples and teachers of my system. 

I wish to clarify, the individuals concerned that have thoroughly trained in my system.  There are many, all over the world, who have learned tricks and principles from me, but, there are only a dozen or so who have studied with me long enough to mature in my art and to understand its magnitude.

These individuals, in my opinion deserve my greatest thanks and respect for their devotion and intent to a lifetime practice.
The greatest historians concerning the de Thouars brothers, naming Victor, Paul, Maurice and Willem de Thouars - are by far Chas Clements and Steve Gartin.

Chas is an absolute replica, when practicing any of the djurus taught to him by Paul, Maurice, Victor or including myself. He looks just like any of us brothers.  Sometimes I can hardly believe it, but Chas also remembers what each of us brothers have said about various things.

Steve on the other hand is one of my best fighters and very best of knife handlers in my system of KunTao Silat de Thouars. I taught him the most when it comes to bladed arts within my system.
I like to mention the following individuals who over many years length of time have thoroughly studied my arts as I taught them, and still teach them. these people are still in the duration of training with me - without getting boured.

The following individuals I like to mention are:

My Brother, Wayne Welsh, who although he has his own system, has studied and trained with me here in Colorado for over three decades.


  • Phillip Sailas
  • Steve Gartin
  • Randall Goodwin
  • Chas Clements
  • Chuck Stahman
  • Keith Moffett
  • Conrad Bui
  • Marcelo Rainero
  • Mario Rainero
  • Steward Lauper
  • Jose Luz Pena Cavazos
  • Richard Buel

  • John Garcia
  • Dave Anderson
  • Ted Garcia
  • Ray Robles
  • Joseph Bronson
  • Mathew Cowan
  • Michael Marlow
  • Jimmy Boharfa
  • Stephen Terrago
  • Bahati Merchant
  • West Tasker
  • Michael and May Williams
  • Alexy Ouchinov

There are many other individuals with whom I am involved as martial arts associates who are my extended family. The individuals I have mentioned are the walking dictionaries in my system, they practice my forms, I have 108 forms all together, and they know me by heart and are practicing my system as a part of their lives, as I have taught them.

Many others have trained with me on a minimal level and known me for a long time. They have trained under me on a part-time basis and have never adopted the KunTao Silat lifestyle of constant training.  I appreciate these many individuals for their own accomplishments and I may have gone overboard from time to time with the wallpaper, but it has been a great comedy to see how crazed some people are for wallpaper.  In order to distinguish my true Lineage, their final certificate from me has ALL their names listed on each certificate. 

The above mentioned individuals are true teachers of my system and I recommend any of them to any student who wants to learn my system.

God bless you all,

Willem de Thouars

The following is a list of schools that are associated with Kun Tao / Silat de Thouars. The teachers and schools listed either incorporate principles taught by Willem de Thouars or teach his system outright. Mr. de Thouars teaches seminars and workshops frequently in several of these schools. Prospective students are encouraged to contact the school that best fits their needs to become acquainted with Kun Tao / Silat de Thouars and begin training.

Steve Gartin and Chas Clements teach the de Thouars Family Systems exclusively. Although they have local students, most of their students are DistanceLearning Students.  Chas and Steve have been archiving and promoting the system for over 28 years and have built a video and DVD library of Uncle Bill's branch of the Family System that documents the arts as Uncle Bill wants to see them practiced.  See www.kuntaosilat.com for more information.

American KunTao Silat Association        1741 Dallas Street Aurora,  CO  80010

Chas: 303-364-0403

Steve: 720-404-1812



Gelinas Academy of Martial Arts
1121 St. Catherine, 2nd floor

Randall Goodwin has over twenty five years experience and teaches Kun Tao Silat / de Thouars exclusively. He is also the only person on this list who has extensively studied with Willem, Paul and Victor de Thouars.


7269 Lowell Blvd.
Westminster, CO 80030
Head instructor, Keith Moffett, has been a student of Willem de Thouars for over seventeen years and has a background in both boxing and kickboxing as well. Kun Lun Pai Martial Arts teaches the de Thouars system and Mustika Kwitang, is also offered.


5138 W. 29th Ave.
Denver, CO.
Stuart Lauper has spent twelve of his thirty year Martial career as a student of Uncle Bill. He utilizes skills from the de Thouars systems in all phases of training and teaches de Thouars forms to his advanced students. Progressive Martial Arts has three locations.


Dr. Bahati Merchant of Kona, Hawaii

Mail   : Bahati Mershant
         c/o  Dana Mattos
         P.O. Box 936
         Honaunau, Hi. 96726

Phone  : 808 328-9257




C.P. 88550

Wolf Grinmaju_bela_diri.gif

Arkansas Headquarters:Missouri Headquarters:
Grandmaster Steve ToddGrandmaster Jeff Sprawls
18 Cummings Lane815 S. Garrison
Bella Vista, AR 72714Carthage, MO 64836

18 Field Rd.
Arlington, MA. 82174
Don is a nationally recognized Tai Chi instructor and champion push hands player. He particularly emphasizes the internal aspects of Mr. de Thouars art.



P.O. Box 4001
Truckee, CA 96160
Sam Edwards is loathe to call himself a teacher preferring the title "geezer". His organization includes several schools who practice Chinese lnternal Martial Arts such as Tai Chi and Bog Wa (Pa Kua). Sam is adding the principles of Mr. de Thouars Kun Tao into his teaching and practice. Please call him to find his associates all over northern California.


P.O. Box 527
Point Arena CA. 95468
E-mail: bear@spaguy.com

lnstructor Bear Roberts with over twenty five years of Martial Arts teaches a Sunday Kun Tao Class, and once a month at:
Sonoma Mountain Tai Chi
Bear's experience has been Jujitsu, Shorin Ryu Karate, Escrima, and the European Sword Arts, and now he teaches Kun Tao / Silat de Thouars outright and enjoys introducing its concepts to long time practitioners of other Arts.


39328 U.S. Hwy 19
Tarpon Springs FL. 34689

Tony Laughlin has twenty-one year's experience as a student of the Willem Reeders school of Kun Tao and Silat. He now teaches forms and principles of Kun Tao Silat de Thouars alongside his other styles on Wednesday evenings and Saturday and Sunday afternoons.


8100 S.W. 132nd Ave.
Miami, FL. 33183
305-386-3854   305-915-7204

Steve Tarrago started in Shorin Ryu Karate twenty five years ago and now incorporates Kun Tao / Silat de Thouars in teaching both children and adults. He teaches both the systems forms and principles.


Kempo First

Ron Carlson

Bart Mann



Tom Kier
113 North Essex Ave.
Narberth PA 19072

Tom Kier teaches Kun Tao/Silat de Thouars outright and incorporates it into wrestling, Combat Grappling Boxing and street fighting tactics. He has 21 years experience in martial arts in general and also teaches Sayoc Kali.


God Bless Americamotif_d.gif