I am happy to welcome grandmaster or Seidjo Glenn Abrescy, as

your "uncle" over most of you - in our group as the stick fighting expert and in my plans, to arrange for the future workshops - especially designated for the intent of cultural education for our

group. Because of busy schedules we had been apart for quite

a while. Now we are back together.

Seidjo Glenn Abrescy was the very first martial arts master that

came to see aunty and I, when we just moved to California - Joyce

was transferred from Denver to San Fransisco - and I wend to work

for another air lines. That was in 1974.

Our friendship as family in kun tao grew and ever since that time -we became true "hardened" as family with different styles in practice.

I remember most profoundly when Seidjo Glenn took me to a

South East Asian gathering - a huge parties of martial artists and

a lots of stick fighters.  At the party was also Tai sifu Otto van der

Groen and his group. It was there when I also met sifu Eric Lee for

the first time. We all had a great time of socializing.

During that time in the 1970's I also started to teach kun tao

in Hillsdale and in San Mateo.

Through Sigung Alfred Decascos I was fortunate enough to meet

many of the Kajukenbo people, masters and other Philippinno

stick fighting experts. Sigung Al will always remain a great friend!

When my brothers specificly Paul and Victor came to Colorado,

were really unaware that I had taught already kun tao in many places. I brought Paul to Colorado in the late 1980's - and pak Victor

came later. I also had introduced both my brothers Paul and Victor to the martial arts community here in Colorado.

When Victor once staged an open tournament in his back yard in

Orange County - several of my trained fighters came actually to the

resque of the de Thouars name. Paul had no one to fight for his group - he had nobody. Victor had only one fighter to participate.

For the rest were Steve Gartin, Dave Anderson, Randell Goodwin

and also Phillip Sailas as a back up and all there was guru Arthur

Remrev's group, Victor's and my people fighting in that tournament.

I don't want to comment on the event - it was badly staged!

I was never given any credit for the support as I was always being critisized for not knowing anything by Paul and Victor.

A reason why I parted from my family for reasons of my own.

The truth has to be told and so I will also comment on that!

By reminiscence alone I parted from many great martial arts associates of the past and my true friends will always remain in silence and always be my friends.

Funny and to my great laughter, my younger brother wants to

help me  standarizing my system - a system, I had practiced long

before Paul and Victor came here to the state of Colorado. 

Also another so called friend, a great martial artist, told me that

my forms could never be practiced the same way. Quite frankly I consider that "horse dump". All forms are practiced and taught

the SAME WAY. Some individuals made up forms and claimed that

they knew my art - and yet, they are far from it. My good and

excellent practitioners can teach those people how my system has

to be done correctly.

Of course this commentary is meant only for my group of people -

it does not concern anybody else!

Please all you in kun tao silat de Thouars - welcome Seidjo Glenn

Abrescy as an uncle to our group.

In closing please be at peace, bapak Willem de Thouars.

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How interesting, soon as some people came to the United States, a land of milk and honey - and started
to teach martial arts - it became a strife in who wants to be the best. A black belt in karate is high level and
for certain an accomplishment for years of practice. In judo the ranking system is really well earned. It is
hard to get a promotion in judo. Some of the masters and they were really good and excellent, had never came
through the ranks - during their studies back home. They were trained in the fundamentals concsists of jurus, langkas,
and anything else what they needed to know to teach their arts. In fact they were proclaimed by their teachers
as plain gurus. In the land of oppurtunity we live in, those masters created level of achievement for their students
to progress. level one, level two, level three, level four, level five, level 6, level 7, level 8,level 9 and more added
to their ranking system. After they had decided to be of importance, they created ranks for them selves.
Guru is not good enough, so Pendekar agung, pendekar, ma ha guru sound better than pendekar or guru Besar,
because guru is not good enough - so guru besar suits the occassion better. For fun I liked to use titles too, not
for long - my teachers they may have the titles. Just stay uncle and uncle, with jeans and "t" shirts.
Everybody has a title, from professor that sound good to Hanshi or Shihan or in the unlimited resources for not
running out of titels. The real masters in Japan, they stayed simple, they were just Sensei.
In America it changed, one decided to call him self the pendekar (pentejo) or supreme grandmaster.
Grandmaster is not good enough the title has to grow bigger and larger!
If many are pendekars, or Hanshi's or ma ha gurus, than I desire to be more of meaningful in description of titles.
I want more and in my fantasy, I just like to imagine with all due respect to all the American generals - if I could be
the replacement general of the army - of the late and honorable Genral Douglas Mc Arthur during the Korean war.
When Truman fired him and I came to take over just for one day mind you. I would have more guns, more men,
airplanes and how about tanks. I* wish I could be and I can't - it never has happened.
I just would like to shoot rockets to my unimaginary enemies. Of course don't take me to surious, is just a joke!
My appology to any of the generals in uniform and hope they understand my humoristic feeling behind my intent
for titles. But never to a martial artist. Please stay at peace, bapak Willem de Thouars.
YES GENERAL WILLEM! just kidding :)

Thank you for sharing Uncle. I always appreciate history and your point of view.

I will certainly do as you asked.

Just got doing my moring training and now I'm off to work.

See you soon. missed you lately.

I know Captain Chris,
You can be one of my young officers, pick me up with my weapon carrier.
Just kidding ha ha. See you in training. Would be fun to be a 5 star general, Mc Arthur was one of
the last. The last to die was General Omar Bradley - them I salute with soul and spirit.
Ouside those men, belts and stripes are for the viewing of entertainment.
This is your crazy uncle, have fun at work - uncle Bill
Yes sir you got it!

I really agree with the Salute to the good old Generals that made the diference in the war.

Work was okay but class with you and your group is always better :)

See you soon Uncle.

Welcome Seidjo Glenn Abrescy! I look forward to meeting you some day soon.
Greetings to you Seidjo Glenn! It'll be an honor to meet a close friend of Uncle Bill and a Master. I look forward to learning from you! Best Wishes!

Best to you too, General and Captain! lol The insights are always appreciated!
wellcome uncle Seidjo Glenn Abrescy, hope to meet you

Dr Rodriguez
I Salute you General Williem de Thouars.....And we shall push through the snow.and tread our paths with the thoughts of Victory. And no matter how hard the wind blows. And no matter what our eyes may behold. Or our ers may hear. And even if at times our Heart beats as though it could come through our chest. We will march forward in the faces of adversity with Victory on our Hearts and Minds with only Victory in our sights. We draw our Strength from those that have marched before us. Giving of themselves everything,Everything that causes our bold hearts to beat to the Soundless sounds of the marching foot steps of the Mighty Warriors of Old and Ancient days. When a man's Hand was his Sword. When we find ourselves in the Jungles or on the beachs lying in the cold wet sand with the sounds of Death whistling as it passes the space of lifes breath that surrounds us. Our Goal in the face of Adversity to reach the top of the mountain to over come the Enemy and the Line of Victory.Until the General sends the words to move according to the Strategy that marches in his Heart,Mind and Soul.... We that see,wittness and know the truth the Generals voice and fear not what is ahead for the Wisdom and Greatness of our General our Leader trains us as Warriors and Healers. To become complete full circle Gladiators in the arena of life it's self. We the Men and Women of the Way called De Thouars Kuntao Silat listen for the voice of our Master.That we to may have our names written upon the walls of the Bloodline we call Loyalty,Commitment,Honor and Trust. Knowing our General Teach's and Guides us to Complete Victory. Namaste Ray Weathers of SINGTONG
Welcome Seidjo Genn Abrescy;

Looking forward to see you again,we love your stick work and I personally would love to hear more of the stories that you had with the Honorable and late Tai sifu Otto R. Van der Groen.

Marcelo Rainero.
Welcome, Seidjo Glenn Abrescy. We are very much looking forward to meeting you.
Great Blessing's of Peace & Honor to all my family of the De Thouars Kuntao Silat. It is with Great Humbleness that I am Honored and Chosen by Great Grandmaster Williem ( Uncle Bill ) de Thouars to learn the Internal and Hidden Things of Such a Great Healer as Uncle Bill. In all my studies since 1968. Training with Great Teachers I can Truly and Honestly say I have never seen a True Grandmaster as Uncle Bill... He speaks with many years of experience... And his Understanding of the Internal Arts is second to none...... It is my wish that I will be a Blessing to the De Thouars Family Method. I realize that with my many years of Training that after just having a simple cup of Tea wit Uncle and Auntie Joyce I am just a beginner in the Martial Arts... To all my Brothers & Sisters who through Blood ,Sweat, and yes Tears have trained under such a great Man... I empty my cup... To Learn a True and Complete Martial and Healing Art. Peace ,Blessing and much Respect to all who have walked this path with Uncle Bill...Sincerely Dr.Ray Weathers O.M.D.

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