How interesting watching an ex student, claiming that he had studied for 20 years with me.

Sorry Gartin you had never studied with me for 20 years. Are you in a dreamworld.

You have never been ever a finished student of me. It was entertaining to see you on YTUBE.

You had been given wallpaper, and I am disconnected with what??????

Not your flavour, sorry I am glad you are no longer around me.

Way don't you openly tell people how lazy you have gotten toward the end.

Your long distance programs "sucks".

Granted Gartin you received some training - while you was not lazy - while you was

still training. You talk up a storm - I am disconnected?

In my mid 70's I still run circles around you guy.

I wish you well and hope you LEAVE MY NAME OUT  in anything you do.

Don't forget the wallpaper I gave you I had given to many others - per haps about another 1000

or so.  Just to bad those wallpapers bite me in my ass at the end.

Non of your students can compare to even, students who had trained with me for a couple of years!

Come down to Keith's school??????

At any rate wish you well - JUST KEEP ME OUT YOUR BUSINESS AFFAIRS.

I will leave you in peace when you LEAVE OUT MY NAME.

My fellow Americans?????

bapak Willem de thouars.


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STEVE DOUGLAS GARTIN, an individual you don't like to have near you or your framily.
I was once warned by an old friend of mine, to becareful with this guy, referring to Steve Douglas Gartin.
Neal Land was my friend. Steve had actually only 3 or 4 years of actually studies with me - had known me for
20 years. I gave him a diploma ( wallpaper) - as I did gave many. Steve is good in what he is doing, but
in the midst of people, I have trained. Some are better than him in my system. If he is a man, let him come down to Keith
Moffet's school and let's find out how far he had progressed in my system. Steve will have to pay money to my students,
if he offers one tape, video or dvd with any of my student faces on it. Especially me. We will keeping a close watch on
YUTUBE and will seek him out. Is he staying with his lady friend in New Mexico?
I like Steve to come out with all his claiming, about, I am disconnected - I will fight this ex student.
Talking you don't have to study for 20 years - well he, himself was never a student of 20 years!!!
People becareful with Steve Gartin and his far distance learning program. You will be fooled and besides,
who in the "hell" is Steve talking about real combat. Many are trained in real combat and in raw combat.
You made an enemy out of me, and so, I shall be always your enemy! Don't be lazy and get off your high horse,
and quit using my students on any of your tapes. AND QUIT USING MY NAME! bapak Willem de Thouars.
It would also be unwise for people like STEVE DOUGLAS GARTIN to critisize TAE KWON DO PEOPLE.
I know some Tae Kwon Do masters, big and strong - that is capable of tearing Steve's head of his rump.
What he is saying on YUTUBE was totally insulting to Tae Kwon Do. And so are some others.
Even some strong fighters in master Sherif's group are dangerous!!!
Tae Kwon Do and depending who is practicing, are just as deadly as you, and your American kun tao silat.
Remember you laid your own bed - you took advantages of my good nature and good heart!
You have long enough mucnhed off me!!!!!!
Bapak Willem de Thouars.

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