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    For years many people had taped me, a reason why I held back on many of my

actual practice. The old style of training in practice, should never have been taped, so I just show

a lots of something and a lots of nothing.

   Some of the masters who had known me for quite some years, toke me in the beginning.

I acted very "dumb like" and acted as stupidly as I could be, and so were some of the old students.

   I remember Lie Gai Edgar van der Groen made a remark once, " Willem watch out for that man,

you give him one finger and he will take the whole hand!" So true, and I watched the man's

operational skills and his martial arts skills. Truthfully the man of being mentioned was an excellent

martial arts exponent in many systems and rightfully so - a great master of many gathered skills.

His only problem was that he could "critisized" so many other teachers and including myself.

We have parted for good and will remain as such.

   According to this same man, my artforms could not be done the same way, I already knew

what kind of man I was dealing with. He would practice another version of my actual form and

call it my system. He also supposed to have learn 40 forms out of my system, - totally wrong,

the 40 or so forms I really had taught - is only trained and practiced by a handful of hardcore

practitioners in my system.  Guru Westly Tasker could show this master of many systems


ALL MY FORMS ARE DONE THE SAME WAY, - no one look the same doing the same form

together. Because of the physical structure and also no one in any of the katas of this master

of many systems.

   Again relating to my reasioning for having booted out kings of martial arts and lazy students

was my rightful decision, I gladly did. I don't want to be involved with students that have marital

problems or drug problems or ego problems are OUT. Unless the circumstances are able to be

resolved.  As human beings we do make mistakes, but problems are a hinder in training.

Any student being "booted" out can not come back in my group anymore and is considered

a perfect stranger! I am not running a hotel or motel chain of facilitated spaces.


The only individual restored to my list of teachers, was guru Curtis Goodwin, from Portland, Oregon.

We had some misunderstanding between us and brought things back to a reasonable conclusion.

   Most of the individuals who are on my teachers list, remain on my teachers list.

They are a grace, blessing and actually a comfort for my family - for being expeditious, motivated,

intelligent and just do their own thing. That is acceptable to me in what I had shared with them.

Many are trained in my technical evaluations and are equally recognized by me as full "flesh"

guru and each has students under them. Their students are under them, and I deal only with the

Head of systems.

    Also a lengthy process of me having to leash out  against Steve Douglas Gartin and Chess

Clements for wanting to take over my system - through the American kun tao silat - I detest

and rebuke and never ever want to have any dealings with them. I gave Chess Clements a

certificate in which I acknowledged him to the rank of PENDEKAR IN HIS OWN SYSTEM -

for him to teach and earn some money. Steve Douglas Gartin is totally out and rebuked, he

needs to use the names of Theo Tjong Oen ( U Un Suraya) and others to his repertoir of teachers.

He had studied only 3 or 4 years in my system and also on a partime bases. My longest

practitioner and others who had been with me for a long time, can attest to the situation.

Steve biggest problem he always had, was not taking responsibility for his own actions,

causes me to hate him.  He shamed my family and was upright a remarkable untrustworthy

character to my group, I show him who is the Head of my own system - it is ME!

   The far distance learning program does not bring any justice to my system at all, it would be

of great hinder and people on the program don't learn anything but keep on guesing what it suppose

to look like or feel like. A reason why the American kun tao silat is not acknowledged by me.

Any one ranked by Steve Douglas Gartin can be assured that the ranked individual is not

equally as good as the one trained in my art.  Any of the members of the American kun tao silat,

can come out and be tested in front of my board of teachers - in all fairness to me and my system.

They are using my forms and most of the entrees used in my art. They are really lazy to

train in my system, as a certain gentleman, a certain Gallager in Ford Meyers, in Florida and there are also others - he claimed to be a master in my system and never trained in my art. He bought

a lots of tapes. A reason why I am outraged and become very mistrusting to some individuals. 

   In the short circuit of seminars I still do, here and there, no public taping is allowed - only to

serve the purpose for the school who arranged a seminar for me. And no reproductions.

I have shown and shared totally only 5 or 6 forms that people had seen and also on tape.

My longest practitioner and others close to me, were aware of the situation in the world of martial

arts when people are concern - my reason for holding back and for sharing per haps only a quart

of my actual practice over the years.

    This commentary does not relate to my extended circle of family members on my teachers

list - they are my outstanding group of people.

There are over 40 kun tao forms in my system, and for some, I gave wallpaper and deliverdly

classifying them a sigung - hardly practice any of the forms. They make up my supposed to

be system and will not be recorded as the ones on my teachers list.

Someday they will be embarassed on a large public gathering when many of my rightful practitioners are attending the same event!





    Speaking out my mind and salam in peace, bapak willem de thouars.


Replies to This Discussion

Living in Ft. Myers Florida and talking to Dave Gallaher, he paints a much different picture about his kuntao silat training? He stats he kuntao silat does come from you Uncle Bill when he is asked which arts he does teach? As if he has trained with you for many years. I must say I'm amazed that he claims to teach your art? It is on his phonebook ads, school shirts and you tube page that he teaches Kun Tao Silat and is trained under Uncle Bill and several other Masters. ???? I guess it is always best to go to the real source Uncle and verify the truth about someones training.
Mr Chris, Gallager is one fruit cake and there are some others doing the same thing.
It is America and just think in what has happened to other styles or systems?
Soon I will not be involved and live a different life style.
You can't stop or prevent indiots from claiming - if it was Scandinavia or Indonesia - everything is taken care off.
but America the land of milk and honey - things changes. Still that wacked job of a Steve Gartin and his associate
is just as bad - only even worse. But I thank you and the other guys like Johnny, Jose and Martin - who are
like a family to me. Please don't worry keep on going with your practice, uncle bill
Thank you much Uncle. As for Gallaher, I see now that we have no worries. I saw a student of his of 7 years try to do Juru Satu. That is all I needed to see. Uncle, you have given the right people the right stuff, and those people know the difference. I will always honor what you have taught me, both in martial applications as well as being a compassionate human being. Thank you from the bottom of my skinny little heart!

P.S. The monkey got to play tonight...
Great John,
Play and have fun, the people who really know me, do the right thing. Never worried about immitations,
they sucks. I bought once a wooden bike, drove it and the steering wheel broke. I fell flat on my face,
I wend for the cheapys instead of a few dollars more. What I meant was really training and becoming
a form or not knowing and practicing a puzzle. You play the form I taught you - that is all what matters.
If I ever do a workshop in your neighborhood, hope only to have you guys attending. You bring a smile
on my face, family and that clown of a Gallager let him stay with other circus clowns. Remember John,
you may have a shortage on anything, but the world never run out of "a*******". Much love uncle bill.
Uncle Bill, I forgot to post the phonebook ad (yellowpages). Master in Kuntao Silat. At the bottom of the ad.
So much for his integrity...
I was mislead by Gallaher into believing I was doing these things correctly... I think he added different flares to it - I have seen some videos of how you move, and yes, it is much different to how I was taught this form.

Uncle Bill, I enjoyed your seminar here in Fort Myers on many levels, and have the utmost respect for your art. I was shielded from Gallaher from this information about his training being only from tapes. He told me he taught Kun Tao under you primarily until he started with JKD in the late eighties / early nineties.

I shed all affiliation with Gallaher and openly renounce his actions. I try to spread the truth not only about how he lied to me and ultimately broke my trust and then burned the bridge, but also now I will advocate how he has lied about his relationship with you and Kun Tao Silat. Please call if you have any questions about what I have said above. Thank you.
Hi Dave,
I want you to know that what I said about your performance was not in any way directed toward you. You were doing what you were taught. I am impressed with your movement and fluidity which you obviously have worked at for some time. I am glad that you have found us. Keep up the hard work. It is paying off.

Respectfully yours,
John Comito
Thank you, John. I didn't think it was directed towards me. Thank you for allowing me to train with you all!
David don't worry, someone may lied a storm - the faster the lie, the truth in the long run
will catch up to a lie. One lie revolved around other lies. We even might start a group with
Jose, Johnny and Chris in the Tampa area. A group of hard training individuals and start new.
I don't know how much interest we are able to gather. I believe you and sorry you was misled.
hope to see you in the near future, uncle bill
We are here and ready Uncle. Thank you so much for the kind words. We do train hard. I look forward to seeing you in Miami.
Great Johnny,
Look forward to see you guys in Miami. Please take care, uncle bill

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