My years of training people here in the United States of America, has been years of social

and physical progression for me. I had touched hands with many groups of people, in my consideration the very best of individuals that I was able to work with - and created a long lasting

friendship with many from state to state and had also extended to other countries. The task that was left in my care was an absolute grand experience for me as an old fashion kun tao and silat teacher. Hopefully I had done a "fair" job of teaching others my cultural arts of Hakka kun tao and

cimande silat. the route out my past was steep in dealing with all sorts of wonderful individuals,

men, women and children.

   This weekend will be an official closing of my martial arts career, I will celebrate in Miami, Florida,

and arranged by one of my disciple's Sigung Steven Terrago. I am immensely grateful for the oppurtunity his martial arts association and his family is having in store for me - and also my oppurtunity for sharing "my last best" with them and my caring friends coming from Palm Harbor,

also in Florida. We going to celebrate my bond farwell to the martial arts community here in the

United States of America. I thank my extended family anywhere for their support of me and my family at home - over the years past.

   My webside will remain under guidance of Dr Conrad Bui and my other webside for information

relating to my martial arts of my other practitioners through guru's John Malmo webside.

Folks can come in touch with me - through those websides and through the Kun Lun Pai School

owned and operated by Sigung Keith Moffet.

    On my retirement I also like to clearly express my feelings considering some individuals

taken off my list of instructors. The ones I had OFFICIALLY dismissed will stay dismissed and

of main reason of my own, I will never ever lay eyes upon them - even if they are standing near me.

It is just humanly impossible for me to be a hypocrite or shake hands with someone I don't like or

someone whom was terminated by me. I will never ever wish any of them any "ill" feelings, I wish

any of them the very best of endeavors to better health in a better futuristic environment.

    As my last will, I had re-instated Mr Chass Clements as a historian of the de Thouars brothers.

He is by any means in my grace for being my POSAKA and also awarded a rank of PENDEKAR.

I also had reached out to my brothers, Paul and Victor to burry our hatches as brothers.

Pak Victor and I had already communicated with each other, and was like we never parted.

As for Paul, is totally up to him, what is more important "pride" or a down to earth brotherhood

outside the martial arts?

   So far as mr Steve Douglas Gartin is concern, he will never be in my grace again.

He also needs to understand, he was only a 4 years student of me, unfinished and had known me

for many years. I am also not twisting my words - he has broken my trust.

It is not what I had done to him, it is in what he had done to me and my family - caused me of

totally dismissing him. He was the brain and mind behind the schedules against my family, myself

and friends or extended family.



He had no consideration or ever had the thought how I had felt - without considering  my consul first.

A 4 years unfinished student was thinkling of taking over my system with his long distance program.

 Made remarks on his tapes and also to me with his intent. The discomfort he had caused me and My associates, my daughter Victoria to protect his failing business. I supposed not be in tune or

connected to his intended idea of the far distance progamming. He needs to understand I am still very well connected to all my endeavors. When it comes to my art and my system - I am the boss!

Steve was an excellent practitioner in the beginning - and I had never ever charged  him a flat

penney for lessons. He always had free lessons and I consider his expenses as an equal return


Time evolving others came and are better trained by me and by far are also better and energeticly inclined with longer stamina. Also when it comes to the bladed arts, I made sure of their training.

    For Steve to let me sign a contract for life, was a shame for a student to do. I played the game and wanted to see how far he would take his intent. His contract was a total joke and relates only

to a misrable failure for a business venture.  Steve's taping business produced bad quality products

- and the ones produced by my family, other practitioners and associates were superior and more

of an acceptable means in rating. I have given others, who were honest and caring, a free hand to

publically sell any  DVD's or tapes they are producing. I have never any problems with them.

   All practiced students that are under Steve Douglas Gartin can for certain belong to my exended

family criss cross the board.  Except one thing they need to know - NON OF THEM, CAN


BEHIND MY PRACTICED PRACTITIONERS. They definetly need more training when it concerns kun tao silat. Their oppurtunity is wide ranged and open - they can receive training under Joe Judt,

in Chicago, my trained instructors here in Denver or other places. There is plenty of oppurtunity.

I leave things up to them, train hard or slack off in practice through a far distance learning program.

In my system are only students, practiced leaders, pendekars and sigungs.

   My objective for expansion is with Sigung Don Ethan Miller, in Acton, Conn - for the internal

aspects, the folks in Scandinavia, here in Colorado and Hawaii and Guadalajara.

This per haps conclude my commentaries for silat tv, will devote my time with my wife of nearly

48 years and my yard and roses. Will see only the updates on my 2 websides and wish all

the members and Head of systems on silat TV the very best out of my wishes for their martial

progressions. Thank all my friends in Indonesia and else where for their friendship and hope we

remain good friends. In closing my very best to to you all, salam in peace, bapak willem de thouars.  

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i wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and that you enjoy your retirement in peace, as a newcomer to silat but not the martial arts in general i will miss your postings on this board, and against the odds i hope that you will feel compelled to give us some more insights on occasion from time to time, may your garden be fruitfull, tom
How nice and thank you Tom, uncle bill
Thank you my friend, and bless you in your endeavors.
My yard is my secret hiding place and all the best, uncle bill
Thank you for everything. All the best to you. Selamat Sempurna Pak.

Terima caish banyac, oom willem
Uncle Bill, I wish you and your family all the happiness in the world during your retirement!

Zach Jenkins
I wish you the best and support you and your family always.

I cannot complain or ask for anything more for you have gave many blessings and great lessons in which I have grown as a martial artist and as a person. Your every word and every second spent with you is deeply appreciated Uncle.

Look forward to seeing you soon Oom.

See you after Miami, please don't forget to pick up aunty for Alexus graduation party,
thanks uncle
Yes sir you got it.

Hello Om Willem..
Selamat menikmati masa pensiun ..enjoy your retirement.
Wish all the best for you and your family.
Selamat dan djuga banyac terima casih pada guru Faiz.
Ini lah pencak silat sama sekalie musti kredja dulu sampai habis - dan cita ada tjukup harum.
Salam, Om willem

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