A reason why I do need to comment is that I do appreciate the people training under me,
presently and some of the past tensed. the majority of individuals had stayed with me,
trained with me or are still training with me - had gone as far as they were able to.

Those individuals in Hawaii, even the one practtioner in Tokyo Japan, South New Zealand,
Scandinavia, throughout the USA and in Guadalajara and Montreal in Canada - shall always
have my grace and respect and my appreciation.
They stood by me and had gone a long long ways and are so to say walking dictionaries
of my system. They great people and I don't want to mention their names - because there is
to many of them.

As for the individuals who are no longer on my list are for my own reason taken off the list,
or had left my system for reasons of their own. And some were just not only taken off my list
they were just outsted and thrown out my system.

For the ones that left me outstandingly, I for certain have something good to say.
Sigung Richard Bruel was always one of my finest internal practitioners.. He deserves my thanks
for his devotion of having enhanced my martial practice.
He left due to injuries and family obligations as his priority.
I fully understand that.

Sigung David Swanenburg was a great kun lun pai practtioner and also one of my top
disciples, he left for reasons of his own and family obligations. I respect that and thank him
for his time he had put in.

Seidjo Roberto Toress, a creator of his own system, has also my grace - he was a very
good practtioner in what I had taught him. He was not to long with me and left for his own
reason. I appreciated him for his relationship with me and we parted on good terms.
Despite our differences of opinion.

Master teacher Art Gitlin was just taken off the list - no comments and just terminated.

Rodney Fernandes was just training under me for a short while and was impossible even
to rate him for any rank. But I recognized him as always being a great practitioner in Kempo
karate. I terminated him long time ago.

Steeve Corley was just terminated and was not long enough with me, no further comment.

Steve Douglas Gartin was once a great practitioner and per haps was in my consideration
at one time a one of my finest. Later became lazy and I replaced him with better practitioners.
Steeve was terminated and faced out.
He thought to make me famous for his own agenda.

Chass Clements, a follower of Steeve was for certain a good practitioner and for reasons
of my own - I terminated him.

Bob Anselmo Orlando had gone beyond words - no comment, just terminated him.

Luz Pena Cavaroz, only in for position and rank. Does not know my art and claimed to
know my art. would fail every test. No comment, I just going to face him off my list.
No recallings of him and just terminated.

George Morin, excellent practtioner at one time and later dwelled to much on the greatness of his past.
Had to face him out and terminated him.

Bear Roberts, Only a good practtioner in Sibukan ju jitsu, nothing worth in my art.
Was terminated.

Mike Casto, great in what he is doing and only a minimum of knowledge practitioner
in my system. mike had great skills and we parted on good terms.

Dave anderson was always in good standing, a great practitioner and left for reasons of his own.
Respected by me.

Sigung John Garcia, had to leave for family obligations and respected by me.
He was one of my Senior practitioners and an excellent teacher.

Sifu Joseph Bronson can not be denied, he had been always a great student and a very
knowledgeable practitioner in my system. I praise him for that and we were just not seeing
things eye to eye. I terminated him and still if one seeks training in my art - by all means
see guru Joseph and you will receive the best of training. We just don't like each other.

Sifu Curtis Goodwin, I praise him for his constant practise and is a true hearted practitioner
in south East Asian arts. His lack of comminication with me and I don't see him being
productive in my art. He serves his Philippino master better. I can respect that and needed to
terminated him.

The individuals that had gone against me, had never trained under me or was never even once
in my sessions. How should I care about them - no comment.

For the individuals who left me in good standing will not be turned away to participate in
seminars or occassionally for events I am conducting. They are always welcome because
we parted on good terms.

The individuals as mentioned and who are faced out or as good as terminated, my doors
will be for ever closed. I will not lay my eyes on any of them ever!

In my 46 years of teaching with the hundreds of people I have trained, only 6 unworthy individuals
for reasons of my own to protect my system - were dismissed and totally terminated.
bapak Willem de Thouars.

© 2011   Created by Omar Hakim.

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