Strange as it may seem, something that I like to bring out in the general public, is my
true feelings concerning maestros. A maestro, a guru, a teacher, a master, a director,
a sigung, a ma ha guru, a pendekar - are names that can be titles or positions.
For sure a scholaristic inclined man or one in the higher ups in the martial arts world,
may find a debatable issue in my commentary - mostly they find things need to be
corrected to their specification and to their level of understanding.

There will always be ground to cover for most people in finding an avenue, in
which the spiritual soul may dwell and stumble upon argumentive solutions to express an
opinion. I just look at titles, ranks or positions, and sometimes the way I feel and in many
versions of my endeavored life - those created terms upon which some one only feel secure,
is merely a waranty without a guarantee. After all is just a predicament one put himself
through and is to hold on to something of an advantageous humanistic comfort.

Hopefully I don't insult anybody, I am not schooled as most people are, gained knowledge
through home courses, had done a lots of self studies, and when it comes to writing - I hold
on to a complete course of English Grammar and Composition by Warriner's.
I change things around and feel it better comes through my soul - instead of correct standards.
By the way I am writing my commentaries for my students and is also at their request.
Others of not knowing me, may even hates me for me!

Most of my students always refer to me as uncle Bill, I feel honored by them
They are all gracious, caring, intelligent and when they come, they come to train.
To my specification of understanding.
I love people and have sometimes trouble with old students, I parted from.
These guys keep on forgetting, not to seek wallpaper by me, because I am just a trainer,
a coach and nothing more. Expectations especially with human beings is very much
like a canceled check. The reason flatly refuse to talk to terminated students is that
they simply don't get it - there are no real successors in my art and every body who trains
the hardest is automatically a life's successor. My grandson, the only one, is my heart and soul!
What else is there that can be expected from me???
Gave out in friendship and to others, hundreds of diplomas in the absolutes.
To top it of, even in airplanes, when some one likes my drawings.
Do artwork, draw in air planes when flying. Will sketch an airplane I am flying in,
and give the flight attendant who has the most dimples in her cheek - my drawing.
Have gained many friends during my journeys and love a smiling female who has a dimple.
Any good woman with a peasant smile and a dimple is like butter on a sandwich leading
to a man's stressful heart sometimes.

I love all my students for who they are, past or present, they always train hard, look after each
other and we are a family. I am not the easiest man to understand, I get angry with whiners
and complainers. I can't stand those, but praise the ones that trains and only trains.
Several of my students here in the States, Hawaii, Guadalajara and Scandinavia - are mostly
scrap alley Joes, they enjoy fighting and training. When I cheapen them on their time, they
always want more and more. They are very nice people and it is them who brought me here!
I had often expressed my feelings to them: " I have trained you guys, you no good to me anymore,
and you just don't need me anymore - I shared with you in what there is to share"
And no matter what, we are still together and still training with a lots of pain.

I refuse to accept the honor of speech for being the best - I won some battles and lost some too.
For my adversaries that had swift kicked me behind my sense, had always to remember me, in
what I left behind on their physical essence. That is all I know and years later, i had to listen
to their complainful mind sets. I start to wander sometimes, why does someone like to pick a fight,
even if someone wins a fight, comes out also a looser for the painful expierence

Deep in my heart I live the very essence in the comprehension of my Hakka kun tao art and so
inclusively also pentjac silat - these two remedies for my understanding is a surface of my spirit.
I am no maestro, no grandpuppa, just a player with jeans and T shirts.
I never wore a sarong, I am partial Indonesian too and refuse to wear a uniform - to look like
a puffed up general. Although my love for general Patton is fully expressed that he is my hero.
And Li Po Chang, the philosopical drunk poet my religion.
I lived a good life, love my wife and family at home, was never a perfect husband or father or
grandfather, I hate to pretend of somebody I am not! Parted from friends whom I had known
a long time, who wanted to be the good guys with a prestige of self indulgement.

I love my students who trains hard and share their experience with others, laugh when they
put my certificates I gave to them in their closets and just keep on training and move on with life.
My greatest failure was always my firy temper that is hard to control at times.
Sugestion to other maestros in the martial arts, always remember that it was your students
that brought you there! Treasure your good students as your seed.

In finalizing, i will always treasure sifu Armando Soto for his lasting friendship, some frriends
and my followers. I will always respect them, only for the students I had terminated - we are
humans to like or not to like - and I don't like in all honesty, students I had terminated and
feel happy they are gone. For the ones that left for reasons of their own - there are no issues.
A special appreciation for guru Daniel Presatya, my Indonesian family in Ford Collins, Colorado,
and what an awesome monjet and East Javanese pentjac silat player he is!

Wandering at times, from start to beginning, people who were bored with martial arts, they
found me - and considered them lively scrappers of bar room brawlers and wild swinging cowboys.
No matter how wild, these folks found a home in my heart and are the deligent practitioners
in my art. Others arte equally great and of different breed of people.
With my respect in nature's grace, bapak Willem de Thouars.
Thank you for sharing. This is the man that we love and appreciate for who he is. An Uncle helping his nephews understand life and gain understanding through hard training and respect of pain.

This is why I call you nimishoo, my uncle.
Thank you guru John,
Just shared my feelings with you and my group.
Much love uncle
May I ask you why they name you as "Uncle Bill"? How this start?
Apologise me for my ignorance, but what means "bapak"?
It could be great that you could explain the different grades, names, and their positions in kuntao. When a practitioner is named as SiGung, or Sifu or SiJo, etc... What is necessary for and what is needed. I Think more people, less ignorant than me, could be interested in.

To finish, could you make a list of accepted students, students that you accept as official practitioners of de Thouars System? I think you posted the kicked list, but not the opposite.

Thanks for your golden time.

Oscar Salgado

Here is the current list of teachers:

Listed Alphabetically



Steve Wall, Sifu


John R. Malmo, Guru

Steve Todd, Guro
Bella Vista


Frank Broadhead, Practitioner of Arts

Dr. Conrad Bui, Senior Practitioner
San Francisco

Matthew Cohen, Senior Practitioner
Santa Monica

Sam Edwards, Practitioner of Arts

Michael Hirst, Sifu
West Hills

Janet Jee, Sifu in Chinese – Indonesian Arts
San Francisco

Dr. Andre Knutskraichen, Pendekar Pentjak Silat USA

Ray Robles, Senior Practitioner
Santa Monica

Steve Williams, Sifu
El Sequndo


Bob Austin, Sifu

Colby Bock, Sifu

James Capri, Practitioner

David Conrad, Practitioner

Charles Cook. Sifu

Brian Earnest, Practitioner

Rene Fancher, Sifu

Rex Finfgeld, Practitioner

Ted Garcia, Senior practitioner

Stewart Lauper, Senior practitioner

Bill Maniotes, Practitioner

Keith Moffett, Senior practitioner

Dr. (MD) Westly Nuffer, Practitioner

Marcelo Rainero, Senior practitioner

Kris L Roberts, Practitioner

Steve Roland, Guru

Phillip Sailas, Most Senior Practitioner

Oleg Umansky, Sifu


Dr. Chad Bailey, Practitioner of South East Asian Arts

Jose Moratella, Practitioner of Arts
Palm Harbor

Rudy “Danny” Rogers, Sifu
Plant City

Chuck Stahman, Senior Practitioner
Merrit Island

Steve and Amy Tarrago, Practitioners in South East Asian Arts


Alexei Ouchiknov, Practitioner Russian Arts

Pete Pukish, Sensei Satori Martial Arts


Dana Mattos, Sifu
Ocean View

Dr. Bahati Mershant . Pendekar Chinese – Indonesian arts.
Ocean View


Joe Judt, Sifu in South East Asian Arts


Shelley Millspaugh, Guro
Kansas City


Trent Beach. Sifu
Baton Rouge


Brad Nicholson, Practitioner

Dr. Scott Sobel, Practitioner in Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian Arts

Samuel Scot, Initiated to Extended Family


Don Ethan Miller, Senior Practitioner of Internal Arts

Westly Tasker, Senior Practitioner Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian Arts

Michael and May Williams, Guros in South East Asian Martial Arts Center

Billy Wyatt, Practitioner of Arts
Martha’s Vineyard


Jeff Sprawls, Guro


Arkadi Didko, Sifu South East Asian Arts


Bob Cook, Practitioner in South East Asian Arts


Richard Clear, Senior Practitioner Internal Arts


Kay Kutz, Sifu Internal Arts, Extended Family
St. Augustine

Dr Joel Rodriguez, Sifu
Mc. Allen


Randall Goodwin, Senior Practitioner in South East Asian Arts


Jason Yamamoto. Sifu


Mario Rainero, Senior Practitioner in Imua Shantung Kun Tao and KTS


Shinichi Jonathan Sakanaka-Kaleohano Louis, Sifu


Dr. Jimmy Boharfa, Sifu

Dr Armando Soto, Martial Arts Leader Imua Shantung Kun Tao


Michael Marlow, Sifu


Guro Tom Kier, Master Instructor Sayoc Kali and other Arts
Guro Ray Dionaldo, Master Instructor Sayoc Kali and other Arts
Dr. Ray Weathers, Sifu of Internal Arts


Steve Douglas Gartin
Chass Clements
George Morin
Bear Roberts
Rodney Fernandez
Steve Corley
Bob Anselmo Orlando
Richard Bruel
John Garcia
Curtis Goodwin
Joseph Bronson
Roberto Torrez
Art Gitlin
Luz Pena Cavaroz
Bruce Juchnik
David Swaneburgh
Martin Fertillo
Mike Castro
Lot's of thanks, biggest kuntao family in the world may be?
Mr Sal Gado, Sorry I didn't wanted to sound rude. I don't know of the biggest, but per haps the finest.
that even maybe. thanks for keeping me up my toes.
Salam, Uncle bill
Sorry no issue anymore, is non of your business.pak Willem
Thank you guru Malmo,
for posting the list of teachers again. Uncle bill
Mr Sal Gado,
We become old friends and why, uncle is more appropriate for me. I am like a father of my group
All other titles no more necessary. thank you can I be your uncloe for a change?
thank you, pak willem
I would be an honor for me to call you "uncle".

Gracias as wll Sr. Salgado, uncle Bill
You know Mr Oscar,
Start to like you, you have such a smiling face and like your approach. Versus me: crumpy crumpy.
One of my perguruans just listed the list and hope to see you smiling again.
Salam and be in peace, Uncle bill

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