Obviously the 2 gentlemen?, Steve Douglas Gartin and Chass Clements are hereby requested

not ever to come in touch with me or any member of my family again. My previous block

commnetaries regarding these two idnviduals, who had for many years taken advantage of my

good nature - and had taken that for my weakness. My experience with them were, them to

me of a very untrustworthy nature in business and also untrustworthy as students.

Steve had misled me in Texas and I should have dismissed him directly as my business manager.

Despite of all that, gave him many chances to redeem himself. But from better to worse Steve

and chass were the silat bullies and domineering characters of individuals in my behalf according to them.

In no way am I throwing out dirty laundry when they are concern - I am angered for the way they

had taken advantages, used, abused my family name - had used my name in fain - claimed to be

my best student and tried to take over my system. His far distance learning problem is a flip

and flop.  Watchfully by many of my extended family for their actions, in case they are still are

trying to sell their far distance programs with any of my senior practitioners on any of the tapes,

dvd's  and with me on it.

It is non of their "damn" concern if I made any money or not from any of my tapes I sold. It was my labor, my effort. However the bad quality tapes they sold of me, they made money and their idea of saving the money for my granddaughter was a false and a hooks - sothat it would bring them off the hook to pay me royalty fee. I don't trust Chass and Steve and this is not my dirty laundry but my god given truth for having to deal with these two individuals I have learn to HATE.

They shall not run anymore any websides for me or make anymore sales from any previous tapes

or dvds with me or my senior practitioners on it.

We are done forever and I no longer wish to have any business dealing or association with the two characters - STEVE DOUGLAS GARTIN OR CHASS CLEMENTS.

Let we understand each other, do not come in touch with me or send me any messages through

any of your associates - I will take steps further to stop you Steve Douglas Gartin and you

Chass Clements, bapak willem de Thouars.

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