AMKTS stands for American kun tao silat, created and founded by Mr. Steve Douglas
Gartin - is not being recognized by me and neither acknowledged as inpartial to my system.

Mr Steve Douglas Gartin who no longer can be considered a member of my extended family
or no longer part of my teachers group - has to quit selling any tapes, dvd's or any material
with facial expression of myself and other members of my groups of practitioners.
It means every and each member.

Publically this is also an announcement to warn indivuduals not to purchase or buy any
tapes with me or any of my senior practitioners on it. Any of the material performed by a senior
practitioner and including myself is unlawful for marketing purposes of the Thunder Rock company.
Also to include any member or any student or any instructor of the American kun tao silat
martial arts association is probihited to sail any of the material relating to kun tao silat de Thouars.

Mr Gartin's long distance program is only valid with only the material produced by any of the
members of the American kun tao silat or mr Gartin him self - only with the material concerning
the American kun tao style and should be done with a new invented martial "expression"
without the usage of material out my system. It include also the basic forms!

Any ranking or any promotion by mr Gartin concern his martial arts is not being recognized
by me. Even if I had signed a form or certification with my signature on it, means the individual
in question has to be reevaluated and retested to my standards.

The rank of GURU MUDA, such as was given to mr Aric Flower by mr Gartin is not
acknowledged or accepted as a rank in my system. In my evaluation mr Aric flower equals the
rank of a brown belt. Anyone else in the American kun tao silat system with the same rank
becomes void and is not equal to the trained practiioners in my martial expression or skills
on the same level in practise.

Sincerely bapak Willem de Thouars.

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I was very sorry that I missed the opportunity to participate in the practice when you came out here to Chicago a few weeks ago. Both guru Joe (Judt) and guru Sam (Clark) could not say enough good things about the experience. Unfortunately life has a way of being unpredictable at times and prevented me from making it but I hope another opportunity presents itself soon.

Can you or anyone else reading this post recommend any DVDs that you have approved? Also a few months ago you mentioned that there were a few editions of volume one of your autobiography still available. Can you let me know if there are any left?


Marc Matson
Hello Marc,

Will notify you sometimes next week if it is okay with you.
Have some new ones and great quality tapes.
Please take care, Uncle Bill
Thank you Uncle,

I didn't realize that Joe Judt was working on compiling some tape for you. He said that he has some excellent archive footage he wants to include as well, but if you can let me know what is else is available I would appreciate it and I am sure that there are others that would be interested as well but there is no hurry at all.

Also it would be great if you can let me know if you have anymore copies available of the first volume of your autobiography as well.

Thank you again for your quick reply and I look forward to meeting you in the near future.


Marc, just to be clear, I am copying these for Uncle. I am not involved in selling them.

I only ment I could wait until that was completed because I will be able to find out exactly what material is covered.

I probably should have worded that a little better.

I still have 2 copies left of my aitobiography.
Would you be interested in one?

I think since it is on your side of the fence to obtain some good devd's through Joe Judt in
the Chicago area. As you well know guru Judt is really my representation for Ill.
He is a good man.

Anyway please in grace, uncle Bill

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