Unfortunate was unable to list all permanently terminated individuals of my list of practitioners.
Due to unforeseen circumstances and now have completed the list.

1. Steve Douglas Gartin Terminated.
2. Chas Clements Terminated
3. Luz Pena Cavaroz Terrminated.
4. George Morin Terminated.
5. Bear Roberts Terminated.
6. Joseph Bronson Terminated.
7. Curtis Goodwin Terminated.
8. Martin Fertillo Terminated.

9. Mike Castro No longer with me.
10. Dave Swanenburg. No longer on the list.
11. John Garcia No longer on the list.
12. Richard Bruel No longer on the list.

13. Roberto Torres Separated on good terms.
14. Art Gitlin No longer.

15. Bob Anselmo Orlando booted out.

16 Hanshi Bruce Juchnik was never considered by me to even was ever my student.
Thought of by me as an extreme well versed kempo practritioner!

Non of the above individuals are able to come back into my system, since in my deep
consideration of others - I am not running a chain of motels, where people can come in as
they please.

Sofar as my association goes with the old members of the COMBINATO group of practitioners,
is no longer in existence. From my point of view, I have disbanded my association with the
Combinato long time ago.

Most sincerely, bapak Willem de Thouars.

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Two more names I needed to add to the terminated individuals.

Rodney Fernandes and Steeve corley, both men were terminated long time ago.
List is now totally comploeted bapak willem de Thouars.
Congratulations mr. de Thouars, this list is a very good idea to know who are outside of your organization. Thanks a lot!.

Best wishes.

Oscar Salgado
Mr. Salgado,
Sometimes is the most unpleasant thing to do of terminating actually folks you like.
Most of the people that surrounds me as an extended family are still with me and also for a long time.
When individuals start thinking to be above others than they need to go so far as I am concern.
I know outsiders critisizing me for my decisions and does not matter because life goes on regardless.
I am not a constitution, I am just the skipper of my own ship - they need to know that.
Thank you for understanding and much blessings, bapak Willem de Thouars.
It's comprehensible and correct, you are the "boss" of your "company" and you are the only able to "dismiss" yours employees... But I have a doubt, why this finished like that (sorry, my english is white belt even, I'm efforting to write in English...) I want to know who is the culprit or the cause, the student, the master, both or nobody... Do you think that arrived to this point there are any posible solution or something that person booted out can do for being reaccepted?

Thanks again for your time.
for one thing, once a student is out he is out, many of my seniors understand.
It takes a long long time before I kick someone out. Afrter a long while they have walkede the
line of no return. They have drained my patience. It is always the teachers fault never the
student from your prospectives. It is I who have been taken for a sucker and some students think that
they can walk all over me. Wrong and wrong.
They keep doing this until I said enough is enough.
I reckon this is the end of my discussion with you Sir.
In grace I thank you, bapak Willem de Thouars.
Despues de ver esta lista , me pregunto , que acaso los demas sigung y practicantes del Kuntao Silat de Thouars , no han puesto sus barbas a remojar ? aguas la cortadora anda muy filosa jajajajaj
sorry I would appreciate if you relate to me in English sir?
souinds alright from listening to your written songs in music!!
Ajaajaajaja like that very much, thank you, signor Willem de Thouars.

Lic. A. Gonzalez

I speak very good espaniol. ("Yo hablo espanol")
But I do not undestand your comment on Bapak Willem De Thouars post. (y no se que dice con esto?)
please write clearly and direct so I can translate you words. (hablar claro)
so we can clearly undersatnd each other.(para poder entender sin confusio'n?)
Peace be with you, ( Paz)
Steven (Esteban)
Thank you very much sifu Tarrago for being my translator.
When they relate comments to me that are positive, I will answer them appropriately.
should be in a negative version, I will plainly refuse to answer.
They keep on forgetting that it is my system for me to do as I please. I am not a democratic
institution where everything is based on a corporate structured world.
Of course when dealing with people many like to put their two cents worth of opinion
and add it to the pot of disaster in a forum of wordy description in language.
Many thanks and be blessed, bapak Willem de Thouars.
Dear Mr. De Tohuars:

Please do not confuse the messenger with the message, I simply translate what Mr. Arturo González is trying to say, which comes from the saying 'when you see your neighbor's beard cut put yours to soak', meaning that given the list, the rest of your students should be scared and ready in case you are expelled.

with all my respects,
Enough about the discussion, please let it at rest. Anybody in my group, where ever they are,
had knewn and also know, that I just don't expell people like that. It will take a long time and again, I am not a democratic institution or a corporate structured world - I am a skipper of my own ship.
Non of my students are afraid of me, they have been with me a long time, and some o,well
have used my name inapprorpiately and made money off my name. I only keep people who train
and train and train my art, my forms, my system and talk less.
People outside my group always want me to change things, to suit their mental attitudes,
and in nice words trying to tell me what a rotten son of a b**** I am for my decisions.
It is my art and my system and need to do things for me and not someone else.
Any further reasoning is out of my place. 15 out of the hundreds of people is not a lots!
Clearly as I have explained to you Sir, enough is enough, and I thank you for your concern.
bapak Willem de Thouars.
They are outsiders, don't know me and only put their two cents worth in.
In response to Mr. Salgado's very interesting, respectful and useful observation with regards to coming back into a system: My consideration would be Yes, there might be a way, but only one: Total surrender to the Master Founder's wishes, and total acceptance of his authority under his system, without question. If he even suggests you where wrong, YOU ARE wrong. Apologize before he asks you. Show humility. Do not go around proving yourself right over your Master. Even if you think he is wrong, who do you serve? If you don't serve your Master, you can NOT be a representative of his system.

You belong to the system in direct relation to that measure. Even when the Master Teacher "grants" freedoms, he grants those freedoms. If he says you are a dog, you better wag your tail, start barking, or find some other animal to be by your own choice or design. Wise or unwise, good or bad, these are not democracies.

The best way to be welcome back is to never give your teacher reason to throw you out in the first place. But, if things happen in error, well, we are all human. Then, show him in evidence and with grace what you are or change in the direction of his will, and never dare demand of him to accept you for what you hold yourself to be at the expense of his name, his system, and in risking also harm to all who are under him in loyalty or friendship.

And yes, I know, Masters are really masters, and masters are really people, and people are all equally important...
That is true, but now when you have a Master or when your Master chooses that as his discipline.


Art Kidwell

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