Friday, March 10, 2017


    Looking back at the Serak under Paul, and Victor could easy understand why any trained under the self acclaimed pendekar aggung could not be any different than Paul himself. Victor was always a student under Paul, and perhaps was also one of the very first students, in Holland. Always never a question that Paul, himself had just finished only training the basic system of Serak under uncle John de Vries. Him, and his associated friends from New Guinea came to learn from our uncle, in Amsterdam were all free loaders for getting Serak training for free. A bunch of assholes  to cheapen them selves, and not even pay any gratitude to a legend like uncle John. Paul was doing the same thing, why I always had resented my own brother for being a cheap skated nephew from our uncle. I always had paid every teacher, and also paid with physical labor beside my dues. Why uncle John taught me more in private. i was more of a student who could learn more constructive; why uncle John also gave me 8 other combination jurus along with the 18 standard Serak jurus of the Mas Djoet lineage. Paul was uneducated to handle more material, and ended up only with the basics of Serak - he had studied only for less than three years. Because he was not always training 360 days in a year. At the beginning, and the first year came to train at the studio of uncle John every Wednesday. The second year came only once a month. And at the end, in 1959 only on occasion. Uncle John wrote him a handwritten certificate stating that he was allowed to teach Serak, and had finished his studies. In fact only had finished his basic training in serak and had trouble of handling more sophisticated training from our uncle. I knew, know and always had known that Paul had no advancement in his training -why all his students are looking like stiff like cardboard boxes with no fluent motion in movements. I was before Maurice and Paul were continuing their training of Serak under uncle John - also for a fact.
  Stephan Plinck looked always very stiff and unpolished to be fluent in movements. He like so many others have trouble in making corrections for the short studies he had received from Paul. All of Paul's students, and to include Stephan Plinck are to upright, and using only upper body strength. They are to much in a boxed in situation and like Paul himself could only fight out of a fixed position. Paul had to experience when he came for the first time , in Colorado long before Stephan Plinck, and Cliff steward and others of the later comers. Even before Oosterhof. He could not sweep so nicely as he did his students in Los Angeles. They were all trained their fix positioning, and when with a blitz creek became lost souls.
  One of my students, was a full hardened Wado Rue practitioner, did boxing and tae kwon do moved in Paul so fast - Paul was unable to counter him made me feel ashamed to have introduced my brother to some of my old students. He also could not sweep one of my other students a full flashed Okinawate practitioner always hitting trees made Paul also devastated behind for the hard hitting karateka. That too had shamed me, why Paul also left Colorado and came back to his old copy hell in Monrovia. I swept Paul three times by quicker moving in in front of my students, and still being remembered by some of my old students on my farm house. Paul forced me to spar him, which I did and found it wisely in fear for my own older brother getting a heart attack and declined any further actions of countering my own brother. In fact is also on a 9 mm tape. I only share it with my students, why share it with asshole of students under Paul -who for a long time were believing Paul and his made up stories. Even Victor had openly challenged Paul, and Paul was scared for Victor. Also a sheer and true fact. Paul had taken off instantly out the parking lot from Victor's VDT academy, when he came to observe Vctor's studio was immediately detected by my younger brother, and I was there of seeing an older brother moving out a parking lot so fast.
  Paul could only instigate his situation under pressure to request the aid of his students against his own brothers. Against Victor would come for the onslaught. Against me, Paul was lacking stamina, and internal practice was always short on breath.
  If Stephan Plinck like to claim Paul his lineage more power to him --Paul left a bad martial history behind, here in Colorado. Victor was more the fighter, and I the intimidating slacker to out endure my own brother who lied and claimed a lot.  My father in law, back in 1962 when the two met considered Paul just a minor description for a seasoned fighter was non of that. Ask why Paul had developed some blood cloths at one time or another?
  I never respected Paul with all his lies, and also never feared any of Paul's students. They may come and fight me under my condition, and in my backroom. My backroom with all their bad clams regarding me -may always come and fight me.
So shut the fuck up and do more of your better training under good guidance of a real expert in Serak.
Enough of your bullshit about me, I am still fluent and charged in Serak - in training and in fighting. another true fact!
Come to papa and I will let you feel the real Serak in practice. I walk my talks, and you only talk your shit all over a garbage dump. You are worse than drunk old ladies.
So up yours and your invalid Serak practice in need of seasoning and flavor.  Go low and let your ass hit the pavement of the floor.
Oom Willem de Thouars, the phantom of Serak.


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  1. One day it will cease to amaze me that you can never say a nice word about anyone who is not CURRENTLY PAYING you. Many of us, like George, Randall, Chuck and Phillip recall you saying often, and even on videotape that "I don't know Serak." Were you lying then or are you lying now? Perhaps that is one of the constants in your life. . . you always lie. You also seem to exhibit a penchant for demeaning and degrading practitioners known to possess skill. Is that because you are not confident in your own ability? No one I have ever known has seen you in a fight. Do you ALWAYS pussy out when people like me show up at your door to answer your challenge? You can't forget your seminar at Ron Carlson's school when I brought my whole seminar to watch you kick my ass as you had threatened to do. You pussied out in front of dozens of people. What a pathetic piece of vulgar, racist garbage you have revealed yourself to be Willem.