Sunday, August 6, 2017

Stupid Croquettes

Not in my own nature of business, was it ever my intention to write or speak out against my own blood family. I was trying to aid, my own nephew, Marcelino de Thouars; the son of my older brother Paul de Thouars - to give him a start and trying to help him out in gaining some finances to overcome the high cost of funeral expenses for his family at home. So I arranged a seminar for Marcelino, in Miami, and requested my student, and Serak son, Santiago Doblos to help out Marcelino with a seminar. This uneducated, untrained and unskilled nephew of me, immediately wanted to take charge over my Serak son, and his students and was telling them -- directly not to bother with me -the father teacher of the group in Miami. Marcelino, still a kid in diapers wend (in silence) in outrage for being rejected in Miami, and keeps ranting to hate everybody. A reason why I found my greater rejection against Paul, my own brother and his family for being ungrateful and disrespectful, in thinking that he could own the Serak world by underrating and underestimating my better judgement for helping out Marcelino, with no teaching experience or any silat skills --could only lead the blind in a blind colony. I shall always find to reject anything Marcelino has to offer, and also still find my repulsing nature against this ungrateful (Idiot) for an untrained silat teacher, claiming his father's successor without spending time to finish ever his training. Like father, like son was Paul the same in many ways always trying to possess or manage the soul in spirit of people. I also reject Victor de Thouars, my own brother, who falter the same tragedy likewise his brother Paul and the misguidance of any in the de Thouars for their possessiveness. I hope never to see Marcelino de Thouars, Victor de Thouars and all the children of all the brothers. Marcelino had always aggravated me with his spicy big mouth for claiming to know bukti negara, and was often even rejected by his own father, when he was alive and was teaching. Marcelino is ungrateful, and find his hatred for being rejected in Miami, according to his own fate in wishes. I WILL NEVER TRY EVER TO HELP A FAMILY OF MY OWN FLASH IN BLOOD AGAIN. The de Thouars, of the Dutch Indo side or Mexican American side cause nothing but rejection for me to humble myself to sink deep to their shoe level. I only wish my association with only the white Dutch side of the de Thouars in Holland. I reject, resent all the off spring of Maurice, Paul and Victor de Thouars. They are lazy and not energetic enough to prosper a wealth of success, in life. Marce de Thouars, may hate me was his own doing to cause him his fate. I can't stand this guy for his lies, and always liking to fight --will eventfully meet his greater match. So was his father down to his son --something I never wish to be ever a part in the same boat for the sake of endeavoring the same faith. Why I made it a strong point of my own removal from the Dutch Indo or Mexican Indo side of the family de Thouars, in America had brought shame to de Thouars name. Marce should actually consider himself a Zamora then rather a de Thouars. I can't stand him, likewise do I feel the same for his uncle Victor. The both are sheltering each other in many ways. Let this be clearly understood why Marce de Thouars, failed in Miami --was his own stupidity in doing. He to me remain unintelligent in need of more schooling to gain an entrance for venturing a dialogue for communication skills. .. Just like his father before him was always lacking a sound dialogue. I hate the deThouars Indo de Thouars.  Steve Gartin the biggest liar, and cheat and fraud and deceitful unworthy peace of shit, suddenly find himself strong enough to spread lies about Willem. It show his low esteem and all who he is enchanted with like Marce the de Thouars, US air and all the other disabled silat invalides seeking shelter with Gartin. There will be more thrown off my silat web page for being associated with I am not a robot. Watch the big mouth of Steve Gartin and his dirty beard wish to look like Moses - but look like a bunch of grab. He claimed a lot and look like holy shit when practicing an imitation of any of the de Thouars martial practice. Steve Gartin, US Air, and some others are indeed I am not a robot. Gartin full of dirt, a grand asshole restrain your self before giving any bad judgement to any of my students. Gartin's son too look like shit, and just like his father so full of grab. I am not mad just like to throw more wood in my fire place. Gartin talks a lot but never walk his talk.  Well here again that Steve Douglas Gartin start to accuse me for being slanderous against him with many of his false accusations on Silat Tv. Byt his deeds are overwhelmingly double in what he was charging me, in what he has done to my family is also my main reason to aggressively attacking him, ad his associates. He is a moran, a fraud, a cheat, a liar and uncle Sam knew his past. He still has a record in our court of justice. Every one who ever had dealings with Gartin and Clements knew their dirty sand trails they left behind. Gartin was once on FBI's most wanted list. Gartin never forget, you and your lies what you had done to my family, you man bitch.   

Marce de Thouars grow up, and quit your whining, The old post remain to stay, and shall never be taken down. I insist upon. You found you coach in Gartin, and US Air you did indeed had challenged me, and you too found your shelter with Gartin the freaky liar. The man I just wrote about was an overgrown liar and a worse silat prostitute, along side of him reside always that Joe Judt, and his studio garuda. Well soon we will delete the I am not a robot asshole. Keep it coming Gartin, and soon will write more against you on silat tv, and my face book webpages. You and your shitty la glamour new reels. I already have a great reputation, and you try hard to put me down. I am everywhere, and travel a lot more to sp[read the bad news on Gartin and Clements. You have a hard time to piss straight, and you are disabled for the good practice of kun tao and silat. You two assholes not going to get me under , you can kiss my ass.

In many a way that it really has delight me, no longer involve myself for any further writing on Silat TV. In what I wrote was against many, who had taken from the de Thouars family very much the many things - they are disregarding to acknowledge, and I consider those deficiency in men 's thinking as a humanistic condition and also my reason to resent many. Those who are now in charge of the silat tv, that even a private web side becomes under regulation like in a communistic country - that individuals like Dr Louie Yu alias USAIR, and Steve Gartin and Chass Clements, and many others who are following their footsteps have a total control over the silat tv. Had never bothered me the least, I express myself better on my own WEB Sides on Face Book and on my blog post, and glad that I have a webmaster like my Serak son, Santiago Doblos to aid me and not restrict me. Steve Gartin was always a piece of work, and without any of my restriction in feeling will always hate this character of a useless ex student. He claims a lot more then he actually could show boat his martial skills for silat or kun tao. All one need to do is compare notes with me, and many others who ever had any dealings with him. Watch him, and his controversial speeches against me, and pricing me in some ways by trying to put me down. Watch the YOUTUBE, and also watch after criticizing me, him following after me trying to fool others of him liking still to be a greater part of my martial operations. Also watch his aid a certain Joe Judt, who always was a hypocrite for me to disregard him, as a practitioner in my system and for his double actions to play all side of a fence. Steve Gartin was also a good salesman for convincing people in gaining entrance to their wallets --many can even attest to this and for sure my experience with him can never be a disregard. But in business his actions speak for itself that Gartin was always an illusionist, a deceitful individual and for me will always openly hate this character in what he had done to my family, my name and as an ex student who only had trained under me for a very short time --could never compare himself with any of my well trained practitioners. He would fall flat on his face like a fish trying to swim n dry land. He was always invited to show up, and be tested in my backroom and in front of my best trained, and under my watchful eye. Any of my loyal in following will immediately go for the testing at my request. But Steve Gartin always only a coward unable to show boat his real value in skills in my system, and will always claim more then he actually is worth for the mentioning.  Well a done deal for me to stop writing on Silat Tv against those ranting me down, are actually bringing me to a higher level. How can a Steve Gartin or a Chass Clements compare them selves with me? They never could. They are past history, for in what I had written remain written as history. I cleaned the deck of my ship be removing one hundred more individuals out my friend circle list on Silat TV. Gartin an overgrown bambino without a sambrero hates me, rants on me and just watch his delusion of talks on the YOUTUBE, and any other places. Makes him a big loser unable to gain control, and ask many others who ever had dealings with Gartin and Clements will find these two deceitful individuals wasted trash murmurs. Watch Gartin after me, when someone is posting some of my tapes or DVD's, he immediately following behind me with his garbage being pretentious. He still holds on for dear life to my name, because he knows in how to make money off my family, my name and system he so badly practice. But is better to leave him be, will hang himself on the long run.  
Well have just time for my two FACEBOOK web sides, and have to many things to do to look back, only to move on more constructively. I had my fun on Silat TV , and became very boring to me. At least here can hardly be interrupted and will be more kind with my wordy descriptions. I had the freedom of my deliberation on Silat TV, and wrote the truth to set men in diapers liking to be Sunday warriors in their silat social clubs. I enjoy the dramatic exposure I left behind all those of my enemies who could not stand the historical truth I was writing. Now I gave back Silat TV to those untrained circus clowns for badly practiced silat experts, and especially of those in the Bukti Negara, and their board of directors with no warehouses, assembly plants or large factories but rather a small clap clap badly practiced Serak or Silat style. They are still walking like bad kempo practitioners, and o, well there are others like the Amrican kun tao silat under that Steve Gartin fellow with a long beard thinking he is Moses to lead all of those I just wrote about trying to remove their own obstacles. I like to see the discussion chamber back with all those gossiping clowns for silat or kun tao experts, who now since I left have the room for more to gossip in how lousy I was for lying, and how excellent they are in practice, and never could be great in mortal combat. To them, they are confused and just like Gartin and Clements not knowing the difference between fabrication of lies or a real truth. Mason Clements is trying to put fear in me, with his appearance, just encourage me to write more beefy stew stories on his father, and that Steve Douglas Gartin could only resent my writing on SILAT TV. Well I am still writing, not only on this WEB SIDE but have also another martial web side I am writing. Actually enjoy my writing here better, and on my other WEB PAGE for FACEBOOK. Once an enemy always an enemy. When I was on Silat TV those who enjoyed their bragging quit their lying by plain removing themselves out their chamber of commerce in fear for my responses to set them straight. Well they bore me to death with their whining, and claims of lacking their true practice. Now please gossip some more without my presence why I had removed myself out your presence. 

let Steve Gartin oblige me with fighting me in my backroom. I am in my 80's and him somewhat younger, and we just fight and will see the outcome. He is always bad mouthing me, thinking my equal --just show me, will not be the same Willem. And Victor had challenge Paul, his only teacher who was in an unpleasant position since Victor had arranged the seminar for Paul. I will take Paul's place, and challenge Victor now --we fight not like brothers but the worse of enemis. Victor lied that he always had to do the fighting for me. Why not you only live once -Kain killed Abel were brothers would not make any difference between victor and myself. He always brag the most and lets fight. I wait for Gartin, his son and Joe Judt and his stupi Garuda silat is an ass whipper. So Steve yu and your big mouth trying to be my equal --lets fight, I am up to get my chest wet and you with your overbearing big mouth and dirty beard. I am tired of your bullshit, in my backroom will decide in who is who. I will figt you, after all New Mexico is not to far from Colorado, and you know where I live. I have nothing to lose, only fun to gain and you have a lot more to lose. So come to papa, and don't forget to bring that stupid croquette with you, that Arica Flourtje "F" for being a Ma Ha guru. I was never scared for you, i could have killed you many times in the past, but had compassion for you. You had gotten away with me in so many ways -- I knew you since the beginning, and also threw out Randell Goodwin for having introduced you to me. Fight me asshole, and you will feel my other art. I have only a few years left, you on the other hand quite a few more.

  In my freedom of speech in writing, Oom Willem de Thouars.


  1. Thank you, o, my Lord for not having to miss Silat TV, and those who bought in to disrupt my writing. There are many ways for one to express himself as freely as I can endorse my self to write against those who were trying to control my writing on Silat Tv. We know that money can buy most anything, and so I knew who always came to show up with I am not a robot -- was also USAIR in the first place trying to hide his identity. He bought in to the Silat Tv to control his expeditious tours for controlling the world of Serak, Bukti Negara and kun tao, always encouraged by Steve Gartin, Chass Clements, Joe Judt and the many others who always had underestimated my own expansion of greatness as the true master in Serak, kun tao and silat. So Dr Louie see if you can stop me now or Steve Gartin with your hypocritical false tongue expression, and I thank my Serak son for aiding me, and able to write my freedom of speech in writing. I don't miss silat tv at all, actually have now a far greater choice for writing my issues against those who bought in to dominate the silat tv. Whoever is in charge of the silat tv sold out his soul in spirit for money. I am glad I am out of Silat Tv.

    1. I assume that Omar Hakim has considered his legal liability for allowing your slander, lies, defamation, libel and false accusations against his subscribers. Brilliant!!

    2. So. . . your lord is Lucifer and you, like he, are losers. You have been exposed Willem. It would be a good time to cease your slander, libel, defamation and racist assaults on so many people you don't even know. You have completely lost your mind to Evil.

  2. Willem, can you tell us why your daughter, Victoria has obtained a restraining order against you?

  3. Just can't keep up with the 'awfully sudden expression of power' can you?

  4. Hey, Santiago you are lagging behind. If you want to be Willem's NEW apologist, since Conrad Bui jumped ship, you had better buckle up for high seas fool. it is going to get really juicy there very soon.