Sunday, November 6, 2016

Stevan Plinck, Roberto Torres, Walter Vanden Broeke, Steve Gartin, louie yu all gurus of marketing not actual Serak

The Marketing craze of Serak & Bukti Negara by folks like Walter Van den Broeke & by others trying to sell the de Thouars family art without actual knowledge of the art & with out authority has become an epidemic of fools tricking the blind.  Unfortunately the consumer public doesn't know the difference and are being taken for a ride by charlatans & even worse by poor students of poorer students that never completed their training and are running around claiming them selves maha gurus and pendekars.  Stevan Plinck, Walter Vanden Broeke,  Vahid Roberto Torres, Louie Yu, Mike Farone all of you are trying to sell to the public de Thouars Silat Serak with out actually having completed the system & Family practices and also are confusing the public with your own imposed ideas of what things are instead of what they should be.  We the de Thouars family do not acknowledge any of you nor any student under you as accomplished in Serak nor Bukti Negara.  Non of you have helped the de thouars family. Especially the clowns that run around claiming Bukti Negara yet non of you help to support my Brother Paul's family & wife Carmen. I may not agree with some things that my nephew Marce de Thouars may have done but he is the rightful heir to his father's line & he for sure has some knowledge from his father that is superior to all of you yahoos.  Jennfier de Thouars is the heir to her father Maurice's line. There is no one under Maurice that can claim that line other than Jennifer. And her father's art and expression is in safe keeping with a few well trained practitioners in my line as well and they are there to support Jennifer in her endeavors with in the Serak World. She too is training her father's art. There is no Pendekar outside of the family. And no one is a Guru or Maha Guru in the family art with out our approval or authority. So you can go on promoting people and give people more certificates that are worth less than toilet paper. Because it means nothing with out the family blessing & with out real knowledge of the family art to back it up.  I am fed up with people making money off of the de Thouars Name. If you are so good on your own use your own damn name. Stop using our family name with out permission. Stop using MDT, WDT, PDT, VDT etc if you are not authorized to do so. How can you get authority from Paul he is now in the grave he is for sure turning in there after viewing the disgusting prostitution that has occured with the family name, bukti negara and PDT name.
The marketing Scheme used by walter & his cronies is as follows. Students pay for the whole year up front to train with a "Guru" ( guru has paid $500 for certificate and instantly a guru) The students also pay the organization $200+ dollars a year for their comic book manual & rank passports etc. And not one dime is given to Carmen nor the de thouars family for the intellectual property of the de Thouars. Here is a news flash for you all My brother Paul had my brothers Maurice, Victor and myself help him create Bukti Negera.

To the Public Consumer if you are learning from the Walter Van den Broeke Bukti or the Louie Yu Bukti you are being fooled by frauds. You are being taken for your money by fraudulent schemers.
We know how my brother moves and moved and we know other expressions from the uncles that non of you have seen or do. So stop  believing the hype that only Mr PLinck is a maha guru.   Roberto Torres knows nothing from me nor my family. He only knows the fat that blocks him from seeing his own penis every morning when he tries to pee cause he is busting at all seems. He really is a pendekar of Crisco oil.  Torres you never met paul and he hated you plain and simple he laughed at your tapes. You are a disgrace claiming Pual's bukti and some how marketing it with visitacion. Visitacion could learn from the de thouars not the other way around. You should spend more time on treadmill & produce section at super market.  Walter Vanden broeke you and your Jelle from Holland never trained. Jelle was a removed student from Dolf and never a finished player. Dolf was never a finished player either. Walter you your self trained hardly with Dolf & you most certainly only had a few sessions with my brother paul enough to realize you knew nothing. You came with intent to fight my brother then you realized you can make money off my brother's legacy & our family name, You are a FRAUD like the rest of the yahoos like you.  Mr Steve Gartin you and your american Kuntao Silat Certification program is a Fraud version of what we really do. You are selling and making money again off of my name & intellectual property. You are a man of only a camera & stealing ideas.
Mr Plinck you put in some time with Paul but not enough. You never finished with Paul & you certainly never finished nor even started with me nor Maurice. You went around running your mouth telling people I didn't know serak. The Joke is on you. I know more about Serak then you will ever know. Your students all look like shit. You are behind the curve trying to reverse engineer something you never actually understood to begin with. There is a lot from just my brother Paul you either forgot, failed to see or never saw. I know for a fact Paul held some information from you because of your Ego.

There is a reason I hate Serak and that is cause of some of the people involved in it trying to give false knowledge misinformation and trying to use, abuse and exploit the de thouars name over & over again.

Do your selves all a favor you want to learn the actual Serak from the family seek out truly people that trained under me with Serak. 
I have known serak for years before any one was actually teaching it in the USA. I was the one that brought it to America. I was the one that helped my brothers develop it further.

Stop trying to spread bullshit. You are all bambinos with thumbsucking habits in pissed shitty diapers.
The MAGUS of DENVER the Only last of the de thouars Elders of Serak. The GENGHIS of SERAK.

Uncle Willem de Thouars.


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