Sunday, November 27, 2016


Steve Gartin the donkey of the martial arts world continues to use my family name & my tapes & my methodology to make money. Unfortunately his followers are blind and cant see the truth for themselves. Steve Gartin you have always been self serving.  The truth is you where always a mediocre practitioner of my system. And surely you never finished my system nor that of my family's practices.   You do not compare to any of my well trained instructors under me. You did one thing and that was video tape. That is all you where capable of. You still look and move worse than a crippled donkey.  Your problem is you know you never learned every thing from me and you lack the basic things that make me great. Hard work and consistency. You where for years to busy in making money off of my name instead of training the way i train. At my age i can still wipe the floor with you like a wet mop.  Your poor followers have been fooled by you. If you are so good Steve Gartin why do you need to use my name ?  Why do you use the de Thouars name?  Why do you still give followers my videos of my methodology?  What have you done?  Nothing. You invented nothing, you succeed at nothing except at being a total failure with in the martial arts community.  You do not compare to any of my well trained practitioners.  Mr John Malmo was never a student of mine he trained 1 seminar with me that is hardly not enough time to be a full disciple of mine. Mr Santiago Dobles has been training behind the scenes with me since 1999. He surely has the skill and the physical ability to knock you on your ass many times over with or with out silat or Kuntao.  So i suggest Steve gartin you worry more about  what you will do with out my name and with out using my methods and videos to make $.  Santiago Dobles's knowledge of my Kuntao system and Serak de thouars by far trumps anything you ever did for me as a student. You are by far a worse practitioner and a donkey drooling, tripping and stumbling over langkahs you never learned.  You are a stiff plank like the rest of the yahoos that try to say and claim they know my system meanwhile they look like ply wood pallets being thrown down the stairs. You are like the rest of the parasites that make money off my name & family name.  Again if you are so good mr gartin why do you have to hide behind my name & my methodology?  Why do you and chas clements feel the need to make money of my hard work ?  You two bozos have done nothing nor invented nothing in the martial arts world. You are both nothing more than mis developed rotted stumps.  Any one of my students in Colorado or California or Miami that have been trained by me would cream you fast and you would be retired quickly so do your self a favor and shut your foul mouth you are a prostitute to the sacred arts of Indonesian & China.  You have dishonored my family name and me. You Steve Gartin, Roberto Torres, Chas Clements you are all Whores that did nothing but exploit my name my family name,  and ruin what every you try to teach.  This is why you and your followers all look like SHIT. My newer students now look better than you ever have. You are all a bunch of assholes that are hurt because you will never be as good as my real practitioners who have surpassed you in more ways than you can ever imagine.  Know this in my current age I am still in better shape and better health and better ability than you will ever be. And my truly trained have already surpassed you all.  Eric Flower, Steve Gartin and all your students unfortunately are all drowning in a cest pool of zero actual knowledge.  How can an outsider that never finished his training teach a de thouars or teach the de thouars family practices ?  Impossible. Every College & university updates its books , and curriculum. You all stayed behind in the obsolete.  Mean while my Spirit, mind & body are still able to teach and transmit the truth and the actual methods of the true Kuntao & Serak while all of you still piss about in confusion.
To the unfortunate students that are mislead its not your fault. Its the fault of the snakes & thieves that are parasitic to the de Thouars.

So know that when you see yourself in the mirror you are looking at failure.

The Magus of Denver!


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